Local Market – We research the local market thoroughly to understand the potential upside and the downside.

Yield – The yield must meet our criteria, strong potential capital growth.

Legals – A proficient and skilled legal team must be in place.

Developer – The developer must have extensive experience in both the type of build and building within the local area.

Exit strategy – The exit strategy must provide a clear route to profit realisation with minimal risk to the investor.

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Key Factors to Consider

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Well you try to obtain planning permission you could see your property standing empty for a long period of time and it may be useful to consider the buy to let route in the meantime. Securing the property is also a key consideration and the buy to let route and will bring in income but will also keep your property secure from squatters or from vandals. However once the plan has been approved you need to bring in trades people who can do the work for a competitive price. The school team is essential and you should ideally build yourself and it's possible to arrange a turnkey deal whereby a skilled trades person can oversee the work and actors potentially the project manager. This can reduce the work load and will increase your costs but ultimately result in an issue three development and potentially more profits at the end for a quality build. Of course if you are a builder yourself and you have the skills to get involved it can save money and ultimately be a rewarding experience.

When it comes to selling and renting your property at the end of the development you require a exit strategy which will involve the releasing of funds from the project and repaying any funding partners or lenders banks that you have borrowed money from. Whether you are selling the property as a whole or selling units individually or renting out the homes individually you need to involve the correct professionals including solicitors and estate or letting agents this is the most important part of the development as it will bring your required profit margin at the end. If this is done right you can maximise your margins and achieve the best possible prices of rental rates for your property and it's vital to get the correct advice and help in these areas.
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Matthew Cullum at Property blog website focuses on the property development area and in particular the chronic shortage of homes across the UK in an effort to promote new development opportunities. Creating new homes by converting of subdividing order large properties or simply refurbishing properties is a tried and tested method of property development that should be increased across the country to meet the shortage. Of course there are fluctuations in the market in areas across the country from the north down to the south of England in London. Price corrections can be seen particularly in central parts of London where the price is more on focus and those price falls may hide the fact their entire areas of regeneration where Property can provide lucrative opportunities to developers. These are defying trends in the wider property market particularly up north and present good opportunities and the ability to spot an up-and-coming area can be a real asset to developers.

There are substantial profits which can be made through property development and there are several stages that should be considered in arranging a profitable deal and many stages have pitfalls which should also be considered. Finding a property that is suitable commands a high cost in the UK and its particular area is key. Property in poor condition can be still expensive and in areas where property is in bad condition can be bought by Developer Fessional is before it comes to the market market. You can find yourself waiting for weeks if not months for suitable property to come up on Rightmove or Zillow player or at an auction and through regular retail channels. But when a suitable property does become available you should act access to funding to purchase and secure this property.

Creating a plan for the development and to manage a secure and successful project is also key.
The Matthew Cullum property website blog will provide key information on all areas to do with creating a development plan and you can register for more information on this. It's also a key area to consider regarding employing the best architects and structural engineers to determine the best way to develop the property. Maximising value and end price is key and inevitably will involve additional investment and you may require planning permission or change of use which could involve very long delays while the council considers your plans and these councils after COVID-19 can take even longer to decide.

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